Magento® eCommerce Expertise

Magento® is the leading global Open Source Ecommerce platform.

It is a proven enterprise grade platform that is feature rich, robust, scalable and secure. We are Magento® Silver Partner which means we have strong knowledge of the Magento® platform and a long record of successful Magento® implementations.

Flint puts Magento® at the center of their eCommerce ecosystem

Our vision has been to build an ecosystem of best of breed services around the Magento® platform, so that our customers can benefit from the value of a seamless and flexible infrastructure that allows them to manage the full range of their operations. You can find out more about our partners here.

infographic-magento ecosystem

About Magento®

Magento® was founded in 2007 and has since established itself as a fast-growing, world-class ecommerce platform that now enables more than 125,000 businesses to build and run their online stores. Headquartered in Culver City, CA, Magento® employs more than 400 team members worldwide – and has a global ecosystem of hundreds of industry and solution partners worldwide. These partners provide specialized capabilities and technology that extend the capability of the Magento® platform.

Acquired by eBay Inc. in 2011, Magento® is now part of eBay Inc.’s centralized X.commerce division, building a technology platform whose vision is to create commerce opportunity for all by delivering one of the most flexible, scalable and end-to-end commerce solutions. Magento® is the first access point to X.commerce, allowing its customers, partners, and community members to easily tap into eBay Inc.’s world-class, multi-channel commerce solutions – including PayPal, RedLaser, Milo, Vendornet, eDialog, Clearsaleing, PepperJam, FetchBack and Where, with more capabilities quickly coming online.

Customising Magento®

Magento® is an open-source platform written in PHP, and as such is readily customisable. However this requires expert experience – undertaking this without a proper understanding of the internal details of the platform can quickly yield a poor solution. We have worked extensively with the platform since its inception, and have developed a large number of modules to extend it that are compliant, well-written, and work reliably across different version of Magento® (indicating adherence to best practices).

Most components would be customised by the commissioning of a new module that adds new functionality, or enriches existing functionality. There is little that can’t be achieved in this manner.

Magento Silver Partner